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Our Projects

The Children’s Hope Centre The Start Right Program Equip to Equip The Constructive Citizen

The Children’s Hope Center

The Children’s Hope Center is our base of operations and resource center, located in Kabalagala, Kampala, Uganda. In addition to hosting our three main programs, the Children’s Hope Center also runs various aft er school programs that offer children the chance to play recreational sports, get help with homework, and learn how to use a computer.

The Start Right Program

The Start Right program is an education campaign focused primarily on teenagers and young parents. By distributing and exhibiting information on such vital topics as safe sex, childhood nutrition, fi rst aid, parental involvement, and the effects and symptoms of child abuse, we aim to help young Africans to make good decisions for themselves and for their children. This information will appear in pamphlets and posters that will be distributed as widely as possible. Similar education campaigns have proven successful in the past in dealing with Africas HIV/AIDS crisis.

Equip to Equip Program

Many of Uganda’s children face unique and severe challenges that can prevent them from becoming educated, mature, ethical adults. This puts Ugandan educators and caretakers in the unenviable position of having to help students to overcome these challenges while dealing with their mental and behavioural effects. Equip to Equip is a training program that is designed to impart to Ugandan teachers, mentors, and community leaders some of the skills necessary to cope with problematic behaviour, identify its causes, and generate effective solutions.

The Constructive Citizen

The Constructive Citizen Project is implemented in cooperation with participating Ugandan primary and secondary schools. Teachers assign credit to students on the basis of an established point system that rewards contributions to the students communities. These contributions can be of an educational, personal, environmental, or charitable nature.

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