Your donation will help change kids lives in Uganda.

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What Your Donation Achieves

Your generosity achieves real outcomes for the children of Uganda and neighboring countries.

Over 90% of your donation goes directly to CNI’s programs in Africa. Your donation achieves a variety of outcomes, which impact young lives both now and in the years to come. CNI is run entirely by volunteers - so we can put our impact, and your donation, first.


feeds one child every weekend for a month


sends a youth to camp for five days


sends an educator/ caregiver to a seven day workshop

Every cent donated to CNI is responsibly used to benefi t African youth. Monetary donations make the implementation of our programs possible. Monthly and one time donations are used to

Ways to Donate

CNI is committed to acting responsibly as a registered charitable organisation.

Registered with the Canadian Government B/N 83197 8325 RR0001

CNI Charity Registration number (831978325 RR 0001
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